Tuesday, July 10, 2012

it's been a while...

So far, this summer, we've been to Sesame Place a few times

gone to the beach

 swim in a kiddie pool
 had ice cream
 had ice pops
 roam around naked outside
 hold some chickens
 swim in a creek
 hold some more chickens
 cry a little
 skinny dip
 swim some more
 have some more ice cream
 play with explosives

 more ice pops

catch fire flies
take a pants free walk
 did some more swimming
i'm sure there's more to come!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

we went to the zoo today

We took a little trip to the zoo today. Before we left, I painted Moira's face.
Eamonn had a random black eye and begged to go "buh bye car" for over an hour. when it was finally time to go "buh bye car" he didn't want to leave. Typical.

Aisling had a great time petting the goats with Moira.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the parade and fireworks

We went to the Jenkintown 4th of July parade. The kids had a blast. Eamonn loved watching the firetrucks and bike parade. Moira liked the Music. Aisling liked the flags they were giving out.

Later on I took the girls to the fireworks. Moira's never been, and I wasn't sure she would like them because they can be pretty loud. She LOVED them. Maybe we will take Eamonn with us next year.

Friday, July 1, 2011

gross laundry day

I have to take my extra gross laundry to the laundromat today. Yesterday, the baby vomited all over our bed. then she vomited on some blankets on the couch. Eamonn puked on the floor in our room yesterday, and because I am not such a neat and tidy person, he got it on some clean laundry that was on the floor in there and across the hall to the bathroom. Kids are gross.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Moira has been going to the park in a batgirl costume of her own design.
Note: if you want everyone to talk to you at the park, let your kids wear outrageous outfits in public!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eamonn is silly

This is Eamonn, he's almost 2 1/2. We were building with blocks this morning when i made a slide out of a triangular shaped block and was having little blocks slide down it. Eamonn HAD to have a turn going down this tiny slide. :) enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 month check-up

We had a busy morning today, Eamonn woke to scream at us at some point in the night, Aisling had a stuffy nose, then we had to get dressed, so I could take Moira to school, then take Aisling in for her 2 month well baby check with Eamonn. Of course I get to the pediatrician's office a little early, wait around the waiting room for 30 minutes, get taken back to the room, where I strip my baby down to her diaper to get weighed and measured. Of course after that, we sit in the room with a cold baby for another 15 minutes or so. Only to get out of there with only 30 minutes to pick up Moira from school. So, we go to ACME to get some bread and tomato sauce. I also get M&Ms so Eamonn will walk with me to the car. We get to the preschool, get her in the car, get home, run upstairs and *buzzz* it's Eamonn's behavioral therapist. I make the kids PB and J, BT and I go over some stuff, then Eamonn is done with his lunch and we get started. Moira goes to her room. Closes the door, comes out with wet pants, and asks to play her leapster explorer. I give her some dry pants to wear, and I tell her that she can play it after her bath if she can keep her pants dry. So, she cries and whines about it. Then she does some acrobatics on my lap and kicks my favorite coffee mug across the room and breaks it. Then me and BT are picking shards of ceramic off the floor. I get Moira to calm down so we can work with Eamonn. Aisling is fussing on and off now. BT is here for 2 hrs today. When she left, I planned on going to the library. BUT the baby was super needy and Eamonn looked exhausted and I didn't want to chance a late nap. So, we didn't go out. We watched Tangled. Feels like a wasted day. Tomorrow doesn't look much better...